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Sunday, October 2

hi people! just got back from Thailand like er,
3 days ago? haha!
anyway, it was an awesome possum trip!
souvenirs? no sorry! but pictures, yes! facebook you should check. i can only
provide you with a bit!

i love my girls :)

and :) naise. cute malay boy! ahahhaha

im out

♥our lips must always be sealed
10:07 PM

Friday, September 23

Exam is finally over. Like finally. Can't believe how time can pass so fast. Just a blink of the eyes, I'm approaching my final term in tourism management. And I can officially tell people I'm a diploma graduate! Haha! And yes people! Thailand in 2 days! I'm so determine to not sleep these 2 days. Awesome! Then sleep during the flight to Thailand. Haha! ;)

Ps; you tried too hard. I got sick of it. Don't blame me for leaving.

#nowplaying Nobody's perfect @ old town, jaya one. :)

♥our lips must always be sealed
5:21 PM

Tuesday, September 20

Wow. Can you imagine. Term 5 is Coming to an end in a day more. 2 papers to go and I'm done. Law and finance paper. Finally!

Sigh I thought it wouldnt be this way anymore cos I'm in uni. I just didn know it will be the same in uni. Come on. Another 3 months before I graduate. Can't everything just go smoothly till the end. I really really do hope it's me that overthink. Like really. I do feel one kind at times.

I haven't pack yet. For Thailand. No! Don't even know what to bring. How much to bring. What not to bring. And what im suppose to bring.

Okay! I need to sleep. Less than 3 hours of sleep okay because of French. Hahah! Nights people.

♥our lips must always be sealed
7:53 PM

Monday, September 19

Despite having an iPod to update my blog I still feel awfully lazy. That's just bad. Rights, so it's exam week. Hopefully I'll do well but I kinda have a feeling this time round my results actually will suck. Do pray for me people. *ding ding* in need of prayers. Yes! I just woke up an hour ago. Did all the cleaning. Study? no. I don't know. Maybe not now :P come on. Give me a break. Been facing my law notes for the past few days. Okay. Im bored. Kthxbai. ;)

♥our lips must always be sealed
10:08 AM

Saturday, September 17

Nobody is perfect and everyone should know. You can be the most successful person in the world. But somehow somewhere, your personality sucks to the max. Like wise. You can be the kindest person on earth, let's not think whats not perfect in this kindest person. You totally get what I'm trying to say. But ya. Sometimes they just don't leave up to your expectation. Again. No one is perfect. Just some thoughts here. It has been 2 years now. Crap huh.

♥our lips must always be sealed
8:21 PM

Friday, September 16

Hi all. It's been awhile. Really really been awhile. Life's pretty hectic at the moment. Finals and all. But! Thailand trip is coming soon. Can't wait for it tho. Is next Sunday! :D

Again. Its been really tough nowadays. I don't know if I have made the right choice. Right now I'm gonna just hide all of this and put up my perfect smile. :)

I wish all of this never happened. I miss my smiles.

♥our lips must always be sealed
8:48 PM

Thursday, June 9

Anybody interested to go Johor 2D1N Trip?
staying in Lotus Desaru, beach side resort, where u can play their beach activities, water theme park, 3 buffet meals, dinner theme is Caribbean night where u can dress in pirate suit.
We have prize for BEST DRESS!!games during dinner too. stay in a 2 or 3 bedrooms suite. travelling by air - conditional bus.
its on the 18 - 19 june which is next saturday.
the price is now brought down to RM299!! :)
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♥our lips must always be sealed
5:51 PM